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The Pin Man - Video Series

pinman poster.jpgMeet PinMan, the lovable RecycleMania Waste Minimization trophy. Our animated video series, The Pin Man, takes us on an adventure with the title character as he recounts his journey from North Lake College to a cell in Florida sharing messages about waste minimization along the way.

  • Episode 1: "Solitary."
    PinMan laments his situation behind bars.

  • Episode 2: "Home Run."
    PinMan fondly recalls his days at North Lake College.

  • Episode 3: "Hope."
    PinMan agonizes over his lack of options.

  • Episode 4: "A Gift from Above."
    North Lake students receive a mysterious message.

  • Episode 5: "Talking Trash."
    North Lake students and staff review PinMan's message.

  • Episode 6: "The Last Straw."
    President Slejko recalls PinMan's last day of freedom.

  • Episode 7: "Anticipation."
    PinMan watches from afar as North Lake students and staff make important changes.

  • Behind the Scenes