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North Lake College Offers Something for Everyone

Reprinted with permission of The Irving Journal.

IRVING – Dr. Herlinda “Linda” Martinez Glasscock is excited about North Lake College (NLC). As NLC’s president since 2002, she has shepherded the growth of the college. As stated in the college’s mission, “[North Lake College] is a public community college with an open-door admission policy which anticipates and responds to the educational, training, and employment needs of the community.

The college prepares people for successful living and responsible citizenship through quality educational programs…” Dr. Glasscock is fully committed to that mission. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Texas at El Paso, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University. She is also active in several local educational, business and philanthropic organizations including the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and Baylor Medical Center of Irving.

North Lake College, one of seven colleges in the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), has experienced tremendous growth since its dedication in 1997. It now includes four campuses: the main campus located on MacArthur Bldg. south of Walnut Hill; North Campus in Coppell; a new South Campus building at MacArthur Blvd. and Shady Grove; as well as the West Campus on Royal Lane near DF W airport. Her vision of leadership for NLC celebrates all types and levels of services.

South Campus: Providing Unique GED Services

Very recently, the new South Campus opened. One of the innovative products provided at that location is the GED services. Students who have not graduated from high school and want to earn their GED can come to the center, prepare for and take the test. According to Glasscock, the South Campus GED program has been very successful—around 400 individuals earned their GED. It is the only Certified GED Testing Center in Irving and draws people from all over the area. NLC also does the testing for the state’s Dawson Correctional Facility.

Not only is the GED a benchmark for these individuals, Glasscock refers to it as “gateway” noting that several of the GED students subsequently register for the college courses. Although the actual numbers aren’t available, she commented that the college is “working on a tracking system” to determine those numbers.

New Main Campus Building: To Offer High-Tech Videography Program

Glasscock and the DCCCD board members are constantly examining the community’s future educational and training needs in order to develop programs to meet those needs. One program resulting from that planning is about to come to fruition in August.

“One of the last of the new buildings from the bond program will open in August. It will be a general use building and the administrative and human resources departments will be relocated there, but the most exciting part is that it will house phenomenal labs for our videography program,” Glasscock boasts. “It will feature art studios and a sound production room.”

Of the building’s five roofs, “Four of the five will be ‘green’, that is they will have plants and vegetation that will reduce rain water runoff. We have done this as part of our effort to sustainability,” she explained.

West Campus: Construction Education

Each of the campuses has its own character and focus. The West Campus offers a unique curriculum: construction and construction management education. The 60,000 square foot building provides courses in “HVA C, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and construction management” according to Dr. Glasscock. As an example of the college’s forward-looking planning, she said, “We are working right now to begin teaching the certifications for green building because that’s an important development in this economy and this industry.”

This program is not only unique, it also demonstrates the value of partnerships. “[We have many] business and industry partners and they make all the difference in world for our students and helping us with our curriculum.”

The campus collaborates with about 1,300 DFW-area construction companies who send their employees through the courses. The industry staff works with companies and with the apprenticeship programs for curriculum development.

Most recently, NLC had a request from an organization in Canada that was looking throughout the U.S. for a construction education program utilizing best practices. After they learned about NLC’s, they proposed a partnership and, together, they were able to develop a model that has been replicated in many locations around the world including Mauritius, a beautiful resort island in Madagascar, where a training institute was established. Prior to this, they had to import workers for construction projects. There are plans to do the same along the Ivory Coast in Africa.

North Campus: Dual Credit Courses

Dr. Herlinda Glasscock also talked about the North Lake College North Campus in Coppell. Although it offers what are often considered standard community college courses, i.e. general courses that will transfer to a four-year college to can be applied toward a baccalaureate degree, this campus also has some exceptional partnerships that make it stand out from other community colleges.

As Dr. Glasscock explained, “We work closely with the Coppell Independent School District and have probably 150 to 200 dual credit students who are taking college courses that apply to their high school graduation requirements, but those same courses also give the student college credits. For those students, we waive tuition—so they don’t have to pay tuition while they are earning college credits.” The students are generally high school juniors and seniors in an advanced placement curriculum.

“This program is so unique,” she continued, “that one of our students received her Associates Degree, and, a week later, got her high school diploma.”

Like most of the other NLC campuses, North Campus also presents a variety of continuing education courses like real estate and other job skills training.

The People’s College

Dr. Glasscock refers to the community college as “the people’s college” because it serves everyone in the community, regardless of needs. Looking at what North Lake College, under her leadership, has developed in order to serve the current needs of Irving and the broader community, and the ability for the NLC system to look to the future and adjust its programs to provide education and skills to meet those future needs, it surely is “the people’s college.”


Editor's note: for interviews, photo opportunities and media support, please contact Ali Adams, marketing and advertising coordinator, at 972-273-3005, or the North Lake College Public Information Office, 972-273-3004.

North Lake College is a member of the Dallas County Community College system. Educational opportunities are offered by the Dallas County Community College system without regard to race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex or sexual orientation.