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Students Call Summer School A Good Thing

Why more and more students are opting in

IRVING, Texas- Enrollment for North Lake College’s summer terms began April 23, 2012. As the number of students choosing summer classes continues to grow, faculty and administrators alike are examining what seems to be a national trend.

When asked what classes are filling up fastest, North Lake College Director of Academic Advising De’Aira Holloway referenced the sciences. “A lot of nursing majors sign up right away,” said Holloway. “This year we are seeing an increased volume of email and phone calls coming from long distance students. We have really reasonable rates, so I think students who are visiting for the summer are taking advantage of that.”

Up late writing lengthy papers or trying to understand the FAFSA, college students may find ‘the best years of their life’ can also be the most demanding. Despite the stressors, however, students know their hard work is well worth the effort. Earning a higher education credential puts graduates on the fast track to success. And in today’s economy, students entering the workforce appreciate any resume builder they can get.

“I was very happy that I attended,” says North Lake student Hind Yousef of her summer school experience. Colleague Daniel Tran agrees, advocating summer school as an excellent time to get courses out of the way.
Yousef and Tran aren’t alone in their beliefs. In fact, according to a recent student survey by University of California Santa Barbara, 91 percent of students finishing their summer session reported being happy they attended. From freeing up fall schedules to finishing school before their financial aid expired, students cite many benefits.
“I think it’s because people are trying to finish faster! I know that is the case for myself,” commented student Yesenia Duran, replying to a post on North Lake College’s Facebook. “…You can take an ‘easy’ required class and take it in a month period where if you were to take that class in a sixteen week semester it might get boring and you might drop it.”
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