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President's Strategic Priorities for 2013-14

I. Focus on Student Success and Completion – by supporting our students so they are more successful and persistent, and achieve educational milestones.
  • implement TSI mandates
  • implement comprehensive First-Year Experience
  • improve Developmental Math through ATD work
  • improve Developmental Reading through iRead QEP
  • increase graduates with proactive approach to degree audit
II. Strive to be a Dynamic Learning Organization – by committing to live our mission of education through teaching, learning, improving, and showcasing our best practices.
  • continue development and promotion of key areas of focus
  • promote professional development as the cornerstone of everything we do
  • showcase our successes through recognition activities
III. Contribute to a Sustainable Community – by designing and operating in a way that ensures our survival and success in the future.  As a sustainable college community we strive to be a “best place to work,” provide a beautiful, efficient, and innovative environment, and provide programs and resources that support our investment in our students and community.
  • increase workforce diversity
  • build on sustainability programs and initiatives
  • provide career and technical education in response to workforce needs
  • maintain and improve on sustainable partnerships
  • maximize our fiscal and human resources

The three priorities align directly with the Board of Trustees’ strategic plan and metrics.