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Statement of Values

The Statement of Values for North Lake College represents the results of work initially completed in the spring of 2002 by the president of the college, who met with student and employee groups. The objective was to collect thoughts from the entire North Lake community about what they value most about the college. Comment cards from each individual were gathered at each meeting and were carefully analyzed and condensed. During the 2009-10 academic year, the president of the college once again made rounds with students and staff to refresh the North Lake College Statement of Values. In these sessions, she presented the values statements and invited participants to clarify and refine each value.
We value excellence in teaching and learning. This means preparing our students to be productive and responsible citizens; creating an environment that fosters critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, and scholarly inquiry; providing the educational support services that students need for success; finding the right way to reach the individual student; being advocates for the professional development of all our employees; skillfully using technology as a tool for teaching and learning; and providing facilities and settings that are ideal for teaching and learning.
We value a strong sense of family and a sustainable community. Treating colleagues like family; approaching our work relationships with honesty, trust, and integrity; being accountable to each other; understanding the interdependence of social, economic, and environmental forces; and as members of the global community, working to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
We value partnerships and collaboration with our community. This means remaining closely connected to the community we serve; interacting with others from around the world; having an outstanding reputation in our community; providing life-long learning for our community.
We value innovation and agility. This means having the freedom to invent; changing what exists into something better; responsible risk-taking; being responsive; anticipating needs and being ready for change; being proactive; and creating our preferred future.
We value diversity and variety. This means respecting people from other cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives different from our own; acknowledging the strengths and talents of others; developing multiple approaches and solutions for students and employees; and capitalizing on our creativity.
We value fun and joy. This means making North Lake a great place to work; being proud of what we do and celebrating our achievements; building relationships when we share good food together; and enjoying the renewed energy that comes from having fun and being joyful.