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Green Diploma

Add a splash of sustainable color to your graduation honors with the North Lake College Green Diploma! Our Green Diploma is a graduation distinction awarded for the successful completion of designated courses that promote and embody sustainable values.

What is a green class?

A course is “green” when it includes assignments and teaching methodology focused on positive contributions to society, the economy, and the environment. There are green courses available in more than 15 subjects, from biology to government, from mathematics to construction management.
Faculty members pledge to go paperless and take other steps to reduce their courses’ environmental impacts. They also incorporate sustainable principles into their teaching. Some make sure that required books are all available digitally, incorporate texts on ecology and climate, or offer extra credit for students who attend sustainability-themed events. Students could learn anything from how to calculate a carbon footprint to the history of American ecosystems.
View a list of green courses and instructors at North Lake College (PDF). Course availability varies by semester.

What is the Green Diploma?

Green Diploma recipients are distinguished at graduation by a green cord worn over the gown.
Requirements for earning the Green Diploma are simple:
  • 15 college credit hours of "green" coursework
  • final grades of "C" or better in all green courses
  • at least one class from each category of sustainability: environmental, economic, social