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Get Involved

Phi Theta Kappa

Students: the campus honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, is actively involved in green causes on campus, including taking care of the community gardens. 

NLC G.R.E.E.N. Club

The objective of the NLC G.R.E.E.N. Club (short for Grass Roots Environmental Education Network) is to help members cultivate an awareness of environmental stewardship and develop skills for sustainable living. The club’s mission is to help members develop earth-healthy habits and enjoy the process of living sustainably. The club is open to all North Lake students and staff.


  • Develop an awareness. Don't contribute to the "throwaway culture."
  • Learn what you can do in your personal life that is remedial and constructive.
  • Feel more power in the face of news about toxic waste, pollution, littering, deforestation, global warming, landfill crises, habitat loss and other environmental insults because you will be doing something! 
  • Learn the 4R’s and campaign against littering.
  • Enjoy opportunities to see the relevancy of the 4R’s in real life. 
  • Become aware of career trends in environmental fields.
  • Become an advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainability. By your example and enthusiasm you will teach others to also take care of the planet.


  • Sign in at each activity to receive credit. 
  • Recycle at home. If you already recycle, add another recyclable item to your list.