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Advisory Committees

Several departments at NLC have advisory committees, composed of local employers and business leaders. Advisory committees help ensure that students receive a quality education and learn the skills they need for their chosen fields.

Advisory committees inform NLC about what programs and resources are needed, and help shape classes and curricula so that students learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed. This way, business and industry can help make sure that new graduates are in high demand, filling workforce needs right away.

Functions of an advisory committee include: 

  • evaluating the goals and objectives of the program curriculum;
  • identifying needed skills and competencies for each occupation;
  • suggesting program revisions as needed;
  • evaluating the adequacy of existing college facilities and equipment;
  • advising college personnel on the selection and acquisition of new equipment;
  • identifying local business/industry leaders who will provide students with external learning experiences, employment, and placement opportunities;
  • assisting in the professional development of the faculty;
  • assisting in promoting and publicizing the program to the community and to business and industry; and
  • representing the needs of students from special populations.

Advisory committees meet in person a minimum of one time a year. The meeting is recorded in official minutes. Minutes are maintained in college files and are made available to the Texas Coordinating Board staff upon request.

North Lake has separate industry-based advisory committees for each workforce education program.