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Getting Started in Logistics

What do you need to work in logistics?

There are careers in logistics for every education level. You could work in management job become a certified forklift driver. While many entry-level openings require a high school diploma, an associate degree increases your options and earnings power. And studies at North Lake can prepare you to finish a bachelor degree, which can be a ticket into management positions.
There will always demand for logisticians. Indeed, demand is growing, because of our world’s increasing global connections and because online commerce has added new kinds of shipping challenges.

Who thrives in logistics careers?

Different jobs in this career can attract different people, but all logisticians love challenges and new responsibilities. At the entry level, the jobs are often about hands-on delivery of reliable customer service.

Turn skills into management jobs

At the managerial level, logistics can be a great career for problem-solvers, organizers, and people who speak a second language. Many companies have international connections and many jobs in the industry involve travel and a global perspective.

A home for veterans

Many veterans can turn their military service into a career. The U.S. military has one of the biggest logistics operations in the world, and veterans who’ve received logistics training have a head start in the field. North Lake makes things even easier by having a strong support system for veteran students.

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