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Concurrent Enrollment

Enrolling at other schools while studying at NLC

International students can, if they wish, take classes at another school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area while they study at North Lake. Students usually concurrently enroll because they need to take a course which is not offered at NLC. U.S. law forbids you from concurrently enrolling solely to pay lower tuition.

NLC F1s must enroll for at least 6 hours at NLC, and no more than 6 at the other school. If you are on summer vacation from NLC, and summer is not your first term of study, there is no limit on summer classes at other schools.
You can only enroll at one other school per semester, unless the schools are within DCCCD (see below). You must keep your I-20 record at the school where you plan to finish your degree.

Enrolling at other schools in DCCCD

If you are enrolling in other DCCCD colleges, the rules are much simpler. You can enroll in as many DCCCD campuses as you wish in the same term, as long as you still keep at least 6 credit hours at NLC.

If you concurrently enroll at another DCCCD campus you are also not required to send us your transcripts, but you still must request the approval from the International Center.
To enroll, contact the main admissions office of the college with the class you want to take. If you want to take online classes, visit Dallas Colleges Online.

The concurrent enrollment process

First, submit a completed concurrent enrollment request form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

We will check your academic standing; if you are on probation from NLC you will not be allowed to concurrently enroll. If we approve your request, we will contact you and provide you with a letter to take to the school where you are enrolling in classes. The international student office at that school may ask for this letter before allowing you to register for classes.

You must submit a copy of your transcript from the new school to the North Lake International Center no later than 3 business days after the date of enrollment at the concurrent school. This is required in order to verify that you are still a full-time student.

At the end of the semester of enrollment, once you have received your grades, you are required to submit a final transcript from your concurrent enrolled school so we can verify that you completed the concurrent course(s).

Concurrently enrolling at North Lake

If you are enrolled at another university but want to take additional classes at North Lake College, please contact the main Admission Office.

When you are fully admitted, you can go to eConnect and register for your concurrent course(s) online.
Please check with the International Office at your current school once you enroll at NLC to ask if they need additional documents from you.