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For general refund information, such as deadlines and the amount we can refund, please see the Refund Guidelines.

Refund Petition Process

The North Lake College Refund Petition Committee reviews petitions submitted for by students with dropped courses and extenuating circumstances. The committee refunds tuition in instances such as:
  • College error
  • Military deployment (documentation required)
  • Death in the immediate family (documentation required)
  • Serious illness of self or immediate family member (documentation required)
Requests for refunds will not be accepted after the end of the semester or summer session for which the refund is sought. Refund Petition Forms are available at Admissions' or Cashier's Offices, or in the box on the right of this page.
In cases of denial, a student can appeal to the appropriate Vice President. The final decision will reside with the appropriate Vice President.
  • Instruction-related cases:
    • Vice President of Academic Affairs & Student Services
    • Vice President for Community and Economic Development

  • Financial-related cases:
    • Vice President of Business Services

  • Student service cases:
    • Vice President, Student Services & Enrollment Management