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NLC is officially a Tree Campus

arborday.jpgtreecampus.jpgIn January 2014, the Arbor Day Foundation officially honored North Lake College Central Campus with the title of Tree Campus USA. This designation, conferred on about two hundred colleges and universities around the country, recognizes a commitment to a campus's environmental health. Tree Campuses nurture trees and other plant life to promote sustainable values and the well-being of the community.

Our commitment to trees has innumerable benefits for North Lake, including reductions to our carbon footprint, a more beautiful and relaxing campus, and volunteering opportunities for students. Some studies have also demonstrated that more trees on a campus means reduced energy costs.

The Arbor Day Foundation judges colleges and universities by five criteria:

  • a steering committee of community members, including students;
  • a detailed Tree Care Plan;
  • dedicated annual budget for tree growth and care;
  • observance of Arbor Day; and
  • service learning opportunities for students, such as volunteering to plant trees.

North Lake College meets all these criteria as of 2013. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the environment.