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Financial Literacy Webinars

Financial Literacy Week, January 30 - February 3, is being co-sponsored by the Consumer Credit Counseling Services and the TRiO/Student Support Services program.
This series of FREE webinars is to help students, staff, and community members become more knowledgeable about financial matters. Some of the topics that will be covered are – Recession Proofing Your Finances, Surviving & Preventing Identity Theft, Wheels You Can Afford, etc. Just click on the link to register!

Surviving Financial Crisis – Dealing With Divorce

Surviving Financial Crisis will help you prepare for or overcome many of life's unplanned emergencies. Divorce can be overwhelming both personally and financially. Coping with change is never easy, but knowing the numerous resources available will help. How will you manage going from two incomes to one, look for a job or new place to live, and undo all of the joint accounts? CCCS will tell you how.

How to Spend Your Tax Refund

You’ve been waiting for that tax refund, and it is almost here…where can you spend it at?!  Calm down, the money was yours all along, even though it feels like an unexpected gift.  If you get a small windfall, we’ll talk about the wise ways to use the money, and how changing your deductions may mean more money you can use for bills throughout the year.  Finally, if you owe, we’ll cover you too.

Psychology of Debt and Spending

Why do you spend the way you do?  How do emotions impact your spending?  How impulsive are you?  Do you spend when celebrating good times, or do you resort to 'retail therapy' when depressed or having a bad day?  Do you revenge-spend against your spouse, or let your purchases define your success?  We'll talk about the psychological triggers of spending, and how simple awareness of your patterns will give you more control over your finances.

Couples and Money

Wednesday, February 1 at 8:00 p.m.
Are you in a relationship where one person is a spender, and the other a saver?  Are you in sync with short and long term financial goals?  Do you have the same financial values, such as owning your own home, paying for kids to go to college, retiring at a certain age, passing on wealth to your kids, or caring about your credit?  They say love and money are the two reasons for break-ups or divorce.  We can help with ONE of them!

How Do I Get Out of Debt?

The holidays are over, and the bills are coming in...So, you're in debt.  Whether it happened bit by bit, just from the holidays, or year after year from living beyond your means, or one event triggered a major financial crisis, it doesn't matter now - all that matters is that you take action.  We'll review the many options you have, discuss the best strategies for paying off debt as quickly and cheaply as possible, and debunk the false promises and myths.  We'll also help you assess your capacity for paying off your debt, and help you forecast how long it will take to become debt-free!

The Age of Acquisition – College Credit 101

Too many kids graduate high school, and going off to college, they aren’t prepared for the basics of money or credit...or budgeting, much less paying, for expenses mom and dad used to cover.  We cover the financial objectives for college students, and how to prepare.  CCCS Dallas is thrilled to partner with North Lake College to offer this class!