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Student Leadership Institute

"Where today's students become tomorrow's leaders"


The mission of the Student Leadership Institute (SLI) at North Lake College is to develop and nurture leadership skills through a comprehensive program that focuses on the whole student experience. SLI is a two-semester program established to help you become well-prepared as a leader on and off campus. Students will learn ethical principles that allow for their personal, professional and academic growth.

SLI is free and open to all North Lake students.  The North Lake SLI provides an opportunity to explore and enhance leadership abilities through working with students and staff members. Members can choose to participate in retreats, training sessions, seminars and conferences.

Applying for Membership

  • Print and complete the SLI Application Form: SLI Application Form (PDF).

  • Schedule an appointment with Ms. Settles, Coordinator of Student Leadership Institute to submit and review application.

  • Sign a letter of commitment to the program.

  • Submit a one-page, doubled-space response to the following two essay questions:

    1. Why is leadership development important to you?

    2. How do you plan to use the leadership skills you will learn through SLI training?