Community Room Reservations

Reserving a Room

North Lake College room reservations are available to the community for meetings, workshops, performing arts and sporting events. Reservation requests should be made at least two full business weeks in advance. 

To reserve a room, email your contact information, date and time of event, and the facility needed to William Videtto.

Room Rental Requirements​​

Usage Fees

Classrooms and Conference Rooms - per hour (includes setup)
Small (capacity <31) $20.00
Regular (capacity 31-50) $30.00
Large (capacity <50) $40.00

Dining Room - per hour (includes setup) 
Additional fees may apply during regular business hours.

Performance Hall - per hour 
Includes make-up room, green room, lobby, box office

Community Room - per hour (no setup except minimal)
Regardless of size.

Common Areas only - per hour (setup not included)
Lobbies, hallways, athletic fields, courtyards, amphitheatre, student center

Gym - per hour (includes bleachers in or out)
Regular gym $100.00
Small gym/exercise/dance $50.00

Tech/AV/Computer Tech Support - per hour

Set-up/Custodial - per hour

Police - per hour

Practice Rooms - per hour
$25.00 (with piano)
$15.00 (without piano)

Swimming Pool - per hour, life guard required
Pool rental $80.00
Lifeguard $25.00 (per hour, per life guard)