Here are a few ideas for helping North Lake minimize its waste during RecycleMania! Share your own tips on our Facebook wall or with the Twitter hashtag #bringbackpinman.

Tips for everyone

  • Save all your clean trash - that is, trash uncontaminated by things like food and grease. The student art club, WEOTA, will be using clean trash for an art project in March.
  • Pack a lunch in a lunchbox or tub, not a bag
  • Bring your own coffee mugs and reusable water bottles
  • Rinse out plastic drink bottles and reuse them
  • Enjoy snacks from reusable containers
  • Try to cut back on candy wrappers and other disposable items
  • Don't waste food!
  • Many math and science departments use scratch paper. Instead of recycling paper, consider donating to the Science Learning Center in room P333
  • When printing, use smaller margins to reduce the number of pages of text

Tips for students

  • Look for course materials online first, and only print them out when needed
  • Check if your old assignments could be reused as scratch paper
  • Ask Subway and the bookstore to hold the bag
  • Take paperless notes in class with Microsoft Word or OneNote, with a tablet, or with smartphone apps like Whiteboard (but make sure your professor knows you are paying attention!)

Tips for staff

  • Go paperless in class and post syllabi, readings, resources online
  • Assign textbooks and readings available online
  • Only print essential materials. Print documents double-sided to save paper
  • Shred old documents and use them as packing material for shipments
  • Reuse boxes or give them away to other people who need them
Want to learn more about reducing your waste? Check out some more great ideas on how to help us reduce our waste



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RecycleMania Tips