Operational Memoranda

An operational memorandum is the method that North Lake uses to develop and document policy. Each memorandum is reviewed and approved by the president’s cabinet before being adopted and communicated as policy.

Effective Date
​AD-701 ​Mission Statement and Purpose Statement ​07/02/2002
​BE-701 ​Operational Memorandum Adoption and Revision ​11/15/2002
BG-701 ​Organizational Plan ​11/05/2002
BG-702 ​President's Communication Plan ​10/11/2005
​BG-703​ ​Environmental Health and Safety Responsibilities ​07/08/2008
​CF-701 ​Employee Cellular Phone Stipend Procedures ​09/01/2006
CF-702 ​Food Services and Catering ​01/31/2006
​CFA-701 ​Institutional Memberships ​11/19/2002
​CGC-701 ​Access Controls ​04/18/2006
​CHC-70​1 ​Reserved Senior Parking ​04/22/2003
CHC-702 ​Parking Management Program ​09/26/2012
CI-701​ ​Off-Campus Use of District Property ​09/26/2012
​CKD-701 ​Wellness ​02/28/2007
D-701 ​CDL Licensing for Mini-bus ​09/01/2005
​DEB- 701 ​Recognition and Awards ​09/19/2013
​DK-701 ​Proficiency in English for Faculty ​02/11/2003
​DN-701 ​North Lake College Hiring Protocols for
Hiring Faculty (Revised)
​DN-702 ​Definition of an Administrator ​10/14/2003
​DO-701 ​Smoking on College Property  ​03/01/2008
DO-702 ​Animals on Campus ​05/01/2009
​EBB-701 ​Privacy for Students in Distance Courses ​ 
​EDAA-701 ​Academic Library Collection Development ​07/08/2003
EDAA-702 ​Evaluation of Library Services ​07/08/2003
EFA-701 ​Definition of a Credit Hour ​03/01/2012
EFA-702 ​Annual College Catalog Review Process ​09/01/2011
​EJ-701 ​Course Syllabi ​02/11/2003
FKA-701 ​Standards for North Lake College Publications ​07/08/2003
FKA-702 ​Institutional Responsibility Toward
Student Publications
​FKF-701 ​Intercollegiate Athletics at North Lake College ​07/08/2003
​FLD-702 ​Student Complaints (Revised) ​04/22/2003
​FM-701 ​Academic Dishonesty Statement ​02/11/2003
​GF-701 ​Classroom and Meeting Room Scheduling ​06/24/2004
GF-702 ​Guidelines for Distribution of Literature /
Public Demonstration
​GK-701 ​Substantive Change Process ​09/25/2009