Getting Around Town — The Green Way

Did you know that what you drive, how you drive and how you maintain your car can all impact fuel consumption? You can save $$ on gas and help our environment by being aware of a few sustainable practices. If you’re ready for going carless, scroll down to our section on Getting Around Sans Car​. How you accelerate and brake, how fast you drive, even the length of your trips can make a difference.

While durability and safety are important considerations in tire selection, how about fuel consumption? Choosing the wrong tire and/or poor tire maintenance can hurt gas mileage. There’s no rating system for choosing tires, but the Daily Green offers some tips. Your auto owner’s manual is also a handy reference!

Curious about how your car’s fuel economy compares to others? The U.S government offers a handy MPG calculator​ that allows you to see how you’re doing next to other drivers.

Hybrid Cars

Buying a new car? Check out this U.S. News article that explains why a hybrid could be a smart choice. Do your homework before buying and remember, there’s more to consider than gas mileage. You’ll also want to understand the difference between the different types of green cars on the market -- hybrids and hybrid plug-insdiesels, and fuel cellsGreen Car Reports offers a comprehensive buying guide​.

The Carpool

If you like the idea of having someone to chat with during your morning commute and don’t mind being without a car some days, then carpooling could be for is a site that connects people who need a carpool partner. Sign up for a membership and place a listing to get started. DART also offers carpooling match ups​.

Getting Around Sans Car​

Dallas makes it easy to find alternative means of transportation. We have mass transit like DART bus and light rail services as well as the TRE line between Fort Worth and downtown Dallas. The DART rail system goes all over town—including a station right here at North Lake College.

Yes! People actually do use bikes as transportation. There are even magazines and online communities devoted to this sustainable and fitness-friendly option. And don’t forget safety gear for your bike and your body!

Since Dallas is a car-loving city, you may find it a bit of a challenge to give up your wheels. Read one man’s story on why he thinks going carless is a great idea. It can be done! And it will save you money. Living without a car is easiest if you’re close to public transportation and/or all the places you need or want to go (work, restaurants, shops, etc.). Some neighborhoods are more pedestrian-friendly than others. 

Good luck and happy green traveling!​