Green Eating

Buy locally grown and raised food

Eating green doesn’t always mean pigging out on spinach. It's about all our food -- how it's grown, raised, processed, packaged and transported to the marketplace and how all of these practices affect our environment and our health.
Sustainable Table offers a great guide on eating green, and even a search engine that lets you find real local food by entering your ZIP code. Scared that going green in the kitchen is too much work? This FAQ shows how simple it can be.
Try to eat seasonal foods, because besides saving on transportation, food in season just tastes better, and it’s fresher when it gets to your plate. Eating out of season means digging in to a dinner that might have traveled for weeks and for thousands of miles in an airplane’s cargo hold or frozen storage. Seasonal food guides offer month-by-month listings for every state.
Edible Dallas lists local markets, retailers, farms, recipes, and restaurants worth trying.

Head over to the farmers market

For top-quality food made close to home, it doesn’t get better than the goods at your local farmers market. Our area is home to markets with great selections:

Try community-supported agriculture

Want local farms to bring you boxes of fresh food direct? Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a scheme where you pay upfront for a “share” in a farm, and your investment is returned in fruit-and-veggie form. CSAs are a great way to cultivate a relationship with the farmer, and you’ll probably even get to visit your future food as it grows. There’s a local CSA in our area, so it’s easy to try out!

Go green when you eat out

This handy list of Green Business Award nominees includes a number of restaurants which feature locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable practices. The national chain Chipotle has a goal of increasing their use of local produce to 50% for items that can be grown near each restaurant. A local fast food restaurant named Start uses all-natural ingredients from sustainable suppliers. All your food comes in recyclable packaging, and the food’s tasty, too! For a truly classy night out, the Oak Cliff restaurant Bolsa prides itself on seasonal menus showcasing local ingredients. And in Arlington, the chefs at Potager pick out all the ingredients from local farms, let you choose your portion sizes, and then ask you to pay whatever you feel the food was worth.
Check out Eat Green DFW for a directory of the Dallas area’s seasonal, locally grown vegetables, including pasture-raised meats and poultry products, farm fresh eggs, locally made spices, peppered jellies, and, yes, hand-made doggie treats!