Title IX Information

​Title IX of the Education Amendments 1972 (20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.) and its implementing regulations, 34 C.F.R. Part 106, prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of Federal financial assistance. Sexual harassment of any student or employee, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

Who is covered by Title IX?

Educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance are covered by Title IX. If only one of the institution’s programs or activities receives federal funding, all of the programs within the institution must comply with Title IX regulations. In compliance with Title IX, North Lake College (NLC) prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in employment as well as in all programs and activities.

Title IX Coordinator

In accordance with Title IX regulations, NLC has designated Francyenne Maynard as the College’s Title IX Coordinator. She is responsible for tracking and monitoring incidents of gender based discrimination, including misconduct, to ensure the college responds effectively to each complaint, and where necessary, for conducting investigations of particular situations. Questions regarding Title IX, as well as concerns and complaints of non-compliance, may be directed to her.
The College has also designated Title IX Investigators. They are responsible for receiving student or employee complaints of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, sexual violence or other sexual misconduct, against other NLC students or employees.
The Coordinator and Investigators are knowledgeable about, and will provide information on, all options for complaint resolution. Those options may vary depending on the nature of the complaint, whether the complainant is a student, faculty or staff member, the wishes of the complainant regarding confidentiality and whether the complainant prefers to proceed formally or informally. Together, the Coordinator and Investigators play an integral role in carrying out the College's commitment to provide a positive learning, teaching and working environment for the entire community.

Report a Title IX violation, or learn about the complaint process

Contact information

Francyenne Maynard, Title IX Coordinator
5001 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Irving, TX 75038
Phone: 972-860-3980
Email: nlc-titleix@dcccd.edu