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Vision Project

​It's time to update the North Lake College Vision Statement and we need your help.

Our current vision statement was developed many years ago and no longer serves our needs. So, we are beginning the process of gathering input for the development of a new vision statement that reflects who we are as a college community and what we aspire to accomplish.

We have created a quick four-question survey as part of the process and we hope you will participate. But before providing feedback, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with some vision statement basics.

Vision vs. Mission

The difference between vision and mission is a source of confusion for many people. Both are important and provide direction for an organization.

A mission statement articulates an organization's purpose, basically why it exists, what it does and for whom. The mission focuses on the here and now.

A vision statement spells out the future direction of an organization and where it sees itself in the long term. Vision statements provide guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years.
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Guidelines for Writing a Great Vision Statement

A vision statement is intended to inspire, motivate and align employees. A Vision Statement SHOULD be:  • Short -- two sentences

Examples of Good and Bad Vision Statements

Like most other written work, judgement of quality when it comes to vision statements is subjective. However, based on the guidelines above, we think you'll understand these examples.

Great "Making the best possible ice cream, in the nicest possible way. "To provide access to the world's information in one clic