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Credit Contact Hours - 12th Class Day

Key Performance Indicators

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​Credit Contact Hours - 12th Class Day
​Fall 2013
​Spring 2014
​Fall 2014
​Spring 2015
​Fall 2015
​Spring 2016
​Fall 2016
​Spring 2017
​Fall 2017
Spring 2018​

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Credit Contact Hours - 12th Class Day

Contact hours represent the amount of time students are in class. A three semester credit hour class equates to 48 contact hours. The chart shows the total number of contact hours on the 12th class day for fall and spring semesters over a five year period beginning in 2013 and ending in 2018. Contact hours for fall 2013 were 1,601,760. Contact hours decline in 2014, increase in 2015 and 2016, but decline in fall 2107 with 1,544,980. Contact hours for spring 2014 were 1,509.832. Spring contact hours followed a pattern similar to fall with decline in 2015, a slight increase in 2016 and a larger increase in 2017 to 1,525,789, leveling off in spring 2018 at 1,519,856.