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Student Achievement Data

North Lake College Student Achievement Measures

Goals and Targets 2018 – 2019

The following goals and targets have been established for 2018-2019.

  1. Increase the number of annual degree and certificates awards by 50.
  2. Improve In-Course Success for Developmental Education by 3%
  3. Improve Fall-to-Spring Retention Rates by 3%
  4. Decrease Average Credit Hours to Degree and Average Time to Degree by 3%
  5. Increase credit enrollment by 2%
  6. Increase dual credit enrollment by 7%

1. Increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded by 50 awards or more.

​AY2017 AY2018 Change Status
Fall & Spring 1,416 1,567 151 ​ Met
Summer* 434 536​102
Total 1,850 ​2,103253​Met

2. Improve in-course success rates for developmental reading/writing and math by 3%

SP2017 SP2018Change Status

Success Rate

51% 60% 9% Met
Note: Success is defined as A, B, or C grade.

3. Increase Fall to Spring retention rates by 3%

AY2018AY2019Change Status
Fall to Spring ​ 59% 55% -4% Not Met


4. Reduce average Time to Degree and Semester Credit Hours to Degree by 3% 

AY2017 AY2018 Change Status
Time to Degree 4.5 yrs 4.4 yrs. 2.4% Not Met
SCH to Degree 91 SCH 88 SCH 3.7% Met

5. Increase credit enrollment by 2%.

AY2018AY2019% Change Status
Fall ​11,032
Not Met​

Total ​28,062

*Not available for comparison.

6. Increase dual credit enrollment by 7%. (Source: Data Depot)

AY2017AY2018% ChangeStatus
​Fall, Spring & Summer