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HESI A2 Exam Registration

The HESI A2 exam is given at the South Campus Testing Center, 1081 W. Shady Grove Rd., Irving, TX 75060, 214-891-1349. Room 1112

How to register for HESI

HESI​ A² testing at North Lake South Campus Testing Center is for North Lake College and El Centro College prospective candidates only, who are applying to the Nursing and/or Health Professions Program.

Below are instructions for Hesi Online Registration for North Lake South Campus Testing Center.
1.   Create an Evolve/Elsevier Account at the Evolve/Elsevier homepage before registration day. Do not attempt to register for HESI exams through your Evolve/Elsevier account.
2.  Registration day takes place once a month at 11am and this website should be pulled up at 10:55am then click on the refresh icon for a current screen. When the link is posted it will be located under # 2. The user can register in once (1) for each date for a maximum of 2 individual dates. Deadline months will have up to 60-90 requests, so spaces will fill up rather quickly. There are 40 total spaces to be filled. Students will be notified the day after registration about the status of their request. We strongly appreciate your patience and understanding of how this process works for everyone. Use Mozilla Firefox is recommended

Pay for your HESI A² Exam through Evolve/Elsevier

HESI A2 Registration Dates for Spring 2018

(all dates are subject to change)

Registration Dates              Exam Dates
 Feb. 5                                      Feb. 12, 13, 14, 15
(March) Feb. 26                      March 19, 20, 21, 22
April 2                                      April 16, 17 18, 19
(May) April 30                         May 14, 15, 16, 17 

Guidelines and Important Information for Registration

Please read and follow all instructions listed below for the Hesi Online Registration process. Failure to do so may seriously delay your Nursing and/or Healthcare Program Application and may incur new testing fees. There is no flexibility on HESI guidelines/rules below.
  1. Must be a current DCCCD student and must be in the process of applying to El Centro College’s/North Lake Nursing and/or Healthcare Professions Program.
  2. For specific inquiries regarding Nursing and/or Health Care program requirements, contact the Nursing Academic Advisor at 972-860-5037.
  3. If you are emailed about an available space, you will need to pay by the deadline date in order to confirm your exam date; if this is not done you will loose that space for that specific month and will have to wait until the next registration. 
  4. Plan ahead and select your test dates wisely, since there will no
    rescheduling of exam dates and no refunds effective January 4, 2016.
  5. We also have Hesi Exam preparation materials at South Campus Testing Center.  
  6. Before retesting the applicant is strongly encouraged to review areas needing improvement, before participating in the next registration.
HESI Helpline: 214-891-1327

Instructions for your exam appointment:

  • All tests will begin at ​9am at 1081 W. Shady Grove Rd. Irving Tx 75060 Room 1112
  • Please arrive at 8:40 am (20 minutes) before your scheduled appointment.
  • Bring your photo ID and a printed out copy of your Evolve Payment Receipt and present it to the Testing Center Staff in order to be seated.
  • Please bring a quarter to lock up all electronic devices, books, papers, purses and food/drink in the lockers. The quarter will be returned to you when you retrieve your items.
For the ADN program, there are five main parts to the test:
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge
  • ​Math
  • Anatomy and Physiology
For questions about other program test requirements, other than the ones listed above listed above, please consult your nursing packet or contact the Nursing Advisor at El Centro 972-860-5037.
*When taking Hesi A2 for the first time, all students are required to take Personality Profile and Learning Styles tests.
Students are allowed to take the HESI A ² test once (1) per month.​