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North Lake College Strategic Priorities for 2017-18

To focus our work, the 2017-18 priorities are organized under the four DCCCD Board of Trustees goals, are in direct alignment with the Board Priorities, and are in keeping with our desire to operate as an integrated higher education network.

I. Employee Success – we are committed to attracting, retaining, and developing top talent in order to provide a healthy, positive, inspiring, and productive work environment for the educators who support, teach, and serve our students, our community, and each other.

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to professional development targeted to specific employee needs that recognizes participation and compliments DCCCD Talent Development programming.
  • Continue to develop communication and support strategies for our adjunct faculty.
  • Act upon survey results and other feedback mechanisms to assess, improve, and enhance the work/life experience of our employees.

II. Student Success and Completion – we are committed to meeting the educational needs of Dallas County by supporting our students and ensuring that  each student receives what they need to be successful, persistent, and achieve their educational and career goals.

  • Monitor and improve the student success metrics adopted by the DCCCD Board of Trustees, and aligned with Texas 60x30, such as credit and non-credit enrollment, retention, completion, and job placement rates.
  • Implement Guided Pathways for Students (GPS) as outlined in the Texas Pathways project.
  • Develop a process to communicate the execution of Enrollment Management team strategies.
  • Improve Math and Developmental Math success rates through a faculty-driven Success Plan and Alternative Math Pathways.
  • Increase success rates in integrated reading and writing through the accelerated iRead QEP student success model.
  • Develop and implement competency-based education options.

III. Community Engagement – we are committed to serving and supporting our richly diverse community by connecting individuals, communities, schools, and employers in Dallas County and the North Texas region.

  • Work with DCCCD and CEF partners to expand construction education through DISD Wilmer Hutchins Collegiate Academy, design of a new facility, and by developing new audiences and partners.
  • Implement early college academy with Irving ISD.
  • Expand collegiate academies with our ISD partners
  • Implement the strategic Recruitment plan to include an emphasis on non-consumers.
  • Increase enrollment in Information Technology programs, and implement expanded CISCO academy.
  • Continue to refine the strategic focus for North and South campuses.
  • Implement workforce development projects including 180Skills, and continue growth of Skills Development Fund and other grants.

IV. Institutional Effectiveness – we are committed to living our mission of high quality, accountability, and continuous improvement by teaching, learning, innovating, and showcasing our best people, programs, and processes.

  • Implement a comprehensive communication plan to improve 2-way information and decision flow throughout the college.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive data-sharing plan.
  • Begin implementation of the NLC Masterplan.
  • Model triple-bottom-line sustainability for our students and our community.