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North Lake College Strategic Priorities for 2019-20

To guide our work, the 2019-2020 priorities are organized in alignment with the DCCCD Board of Trustees' Goals (Student Success, Employee Success, Community Success, Institutional Effectiveness), and Board Strategic Priorities titled below.  The bulleted NLC priorities reflect our focused work for the year, and will drive our achievement of our college goals listed in the last section of this document.

Board Priority I. Meet the Goals of 60x30TX:

  • Improve in-course student success rates through retention strategies such as North Star Math and Co-Requisite programs.
  • Implement the First-Year Experience program aligned with GPS, including career exploration and orientation.
  • Increase enrollment in CTE and Non-credit programs.
  • Increase degree and certificate completers.

Board Priority 2. Impact Income Disparity:

  • Increase educational attainment through recruitment and support of Dallas Promise students.
  • Implement ECHS and dual credit strategies with DISD, IISD, and other area ISD's.

Board Priority 3. Streamline Navigation:

  • Improve the student experience by implementing enrollment management strategies for optimal course scheduling, registration, orientation, and recruitment processes.
  • Increase successful transfers for students through pro-active advising strategies and developing partnerships with universities.
  • Increase student success by streamlining access to educational resources and academic support services.

Board Priority 4. Integrated Higher Education Network:

  • Comply with Accessibility 2020 requirements through the Three Pillars of Accessibility.
  • Collaborate across the DCCCD network to implement the Strategic Capital Planning process,  and the Educational Planning process
  • Continue implementation of GPS approach to educational planning.

Board Priority 5. Primary provider in the Talent Supply Chain:

  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for Workforce and Technical Education with clear priorities about program mix, program development, and program review.
  • Develop a strategic plan for the expansion of Construction education to meet the demands of the regional construction industry.
  • Grow CISCO Academy and suite of IT programs to prepare individuals for high demand careers in Information Technology.

Board Priority 6. Create a diverse and inclusive high-performing work and learning environment leading to employee and student success.

  • Develop and implement student-centric support services and resources focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Foster and demonstrate our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) across all areas of the college by initiating awareness, and developing knowledge about the topics and issues.

NLC Priority 7.  Institutional Effectiveness

  • Create a strategic vision and plan for Institutional Effectiveness, including Research, Assessment, and Accreditation.
  • Engage in sustainability and global citizenship initiatives to increase students' experiences and competencies and to model these practices in our community.
  • Engage in professional development opportunities that support individual growth and the accomplishment of college priorities and goals.


North Lake College 2019-2020 Goals

  • Increase Credit Enrollment by 3%.
  • Increase Dual Credit Enrollment by 7%.
  • Increase the number of annual degree and certificate awards to reach 1,000 by 2020, 2,100 by 2015, and 3,290 by 2030.
  • Improve In-Course Success for Developmental Education by 5%.
  • Improve Fall-to-Spring Retention Rates by 3%.
  • Decrease Average Credit Hours to Degree and Average Time to Degree by 3%.
  • Increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and administrators.