Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

Statement of Values


We seek to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results; to foster student success in and outside the classroom; to promote professional development for all our employees; and to provide a quality teaching and learning environment.


We are committed to the principles of honesty, responsibility, and accountability. We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words, and communicating with openness and transparency.


We champion new ideas and encourage creativity and informed risk-taking. We strive continuously to develop outstanding programs and processes with the firm belief that forward-thinking agility will shape our best future.


We appreciate and embrace our diversity. We believe in the value of varying opinions, perspectives, and styles because this benefits all of us even as it challenges us to grow and think differently. Our community is built on respect. We are kind and compassionate to others and welcoming to newcomers.


We have the tenacity and determination to work as hard and as long as it takes to achieve success in spite of any obstacles that stand in our way. We have grit and model it for our students and for each other.