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Romero Community Garden

Dr. Yolanda Romero Community Garden

Mission: To feed educate and involve the community to promote sustainable living. It is a gathering place where a group of diverse people can unite together to help serve our community through gardening.

More than 500 volunteers have helped grow the garden since it started in 2009.  Volunteers include students, faculty, staff and community members.  Fresh, healthy food grown is first provided to volunteers and surplus is donated to the Blazer Student Store on campus where all students can access.


The garden is funded by many people and organizations, including members of the Romero Family, Keep Irving Beautiful, North Lake College, and community members both near and far. 

Romero Community Garden Donors

  • Keep Irving Beautiful
  • Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
  • North Lake College Green Club
  • Home Depot
  • Sammy and Samual Romero
  • Yvette and Chris Rose
  • Grace Ochoa
  • Candace Eldridge
  • Adrienne Settles
  • Roy Vu
  • Alexander Posner
  • Alfonso Tristan
  • Anura Kidwela
  • Brandon Morton
  • Brandy Jumper
  • Brett Cease
  • Brett Dyer
  • Canh Hua
  • Carolyn Krall
  • Cathy Naylor
  • Cedric Adje
  • Christa Slejko
  • Christina Gomez
  • Diana Gomez
  • Diep Besaw
  • Dottie Howard
  • Elizabeth Olivarez
  • Emilie Turner
  • Esquiel and Virginia
  • Fran Witte
  • Gemmy Allen
  • Georgeann Moss
  • Guy Melton
  • Jean-Christian Guiton
  • Jessica Harp
  • Juan Juarez
  • Kandaker Ferdousi
  • Kelli Trinh
  • Lena Ngungu
  • Lori Delacruz Lewis
  • Lori Hester
  • Lynda Edwards
  • Manuella Logbo
  • Maria Brereton
  • Maria Gonzales-Trevino
  • Marie Kohrmann
  • Martha Franek-Montanez
  • Michelle Meyer
  • Miriam Shire
  • Murtuza Merchant
  • Naela Patel
  • Nicole Celiscar
  • Paul Racz
  • S.M. Gibran
  • S.M. Rahman
  • Sadiya Patel
  • Sandra Guitierrez
  • Shani Suber
  • Sheila Olivarez
  • Sherry R. Boyd
  • Stephen Chen
  • Tim Walsh
  • Willem Manrodt