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North Lake College encourages a culture of environmental stewardship. Our mission, across campus, is to promote success, wellness and conservation.

We believe that sustainability is good business practice. The right investments now will generate eco-efficiencies and drive future resource preservation. Our sustainable practices are an ever-higher priority, a foundational part of campus culture designed to foster growing awareness of environmental responsibility.

Sustainability Vision Statement

To serve as a leader in a network of individuals and organizations for Economic, Environmental and Societal Sustainability. Working with community partners, we continually enhance and develop our curriculum, policies and workforce initiatives to meet the challenges of our future together. 

Sustainability Initiatives
Learn more about the many ways that North Lake models sustainability for our campus and for our community.  Sustainability and resilience efforts include: campus ecology, carbon reduction, global citizenship, green building, emergency preparedness, materials and recycling, renewable energy, transportation, tree conservation, urban agriculture, and water resources.

Climate Leadership
NLC is a national leader in conservation and sustainability efforts. North Lake College President Dr. Slejko signed the Climate Leadership Commitment, with focus on Carbon Reduction and Community Resilience. 

Get Involved
North Lake College’s Green Club offers students opportunities to promote environmental stewardship and awareness. Phi Theta Kappa for honors students leads many sustainability efforts too!  Faculty, staff and students can also join the Sustainable Blazers Committee to help plan events and programs. 

SAGE Scholars
Participate in Texas' first emphasis track in sustainability to 'green' and 'globalize' any degree program offered at North Lake College. SAGE means Sustainability Awareness and Global Education. SAGE designated courses include global sustainability topics. Students receive an honorary green cord for graduation after completing all SAGE Scholars requirements.