Get Involved

​There are many ways for students and staff to get involved in sustainability efforts on campus. Join our commitment to a greener future, and read on to learn more about we're doing our part to make the world a better place  and how you can help.

Get involved in campuswide sustainability initiatives at North Lake College:

​Green Club

The GREEN Club (Grass Roots Environmental Education Network) is a student organization that cultivates an awareness of environmental stewardship and develop skills for sustainable living.
The GREEN Club’s mission is to help members develop earth-healthy habits and enjoy the fun of living sustainably. The club is open to all North Lake students and staff. The GREEN Club helps to raise awareness about environmental issues such as waste, pollution, deforestation, energy, global warming, agriculture, soil erosion, food, air and water quality, wildlife habitat loss, and other local and global environmental issues.

Green Club Membership Benefits

  • Earn extra credit and volunteer service hours by participating in club activities.
  • Learn what you can do in your personal life to improve your health and environment.
  • Become an advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainability. By your leadership example and enthusiasm you will teach others to also take care of the planet.
  • Learn about opportunities for jobs in environmental and sustainability related careers.


We're six-time national champions in the Waste Minimization category of this annual competition.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society at colleges and universities. The North Lake College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa manages the campus community garden and volunteers annually for the Trinity Trash Bash, hosted by Keep Irving Beautiful. In 2014, PTK was recognized for their community leadership at Keep Irving Beautiful's annual awards banquet.

Sustainable Blazers Committee

The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students, and meets to discuss sustainable initiatives and policy planning at North Lake.