Sage Scholars

The SAGE (Sustainability Awareness & Global Education) Scholars Program is a college-wide program to globalize and green any associate degree at North Lake College.  

The SAGE Scholars Program recognizes students who have completed volunteer service activities and coursework with assignments focused on real world issues in the global society, world economy, and physical environment. SAGE Scholar Graduates receive an Honorary Green Cord for graduation regalia. 

Students, Are You Graduating from North Lake College?

Please complete this online form: North Lake College SAGE Scholars Graduation Form,
 by April 15, 2019 in order to be included in the printed graduation program. You will receive instructions of when and where to pick up your honorary SAGE Scholars Green Cord the week before graduation.  

SAGE Scholar Requirements:

  • Any Associate Degree available at North Lake College
  • Earn a 'C' or better in 12.0 credit hours of approved SAGE courses and instructors
  • At least 3.0 credits in each of the four areas: Global Citizenship, Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Society
  • 20 volunteer hours by the time of graduation (Service Learning volunteer options)

2017-18 SAGE Scholars Info-Graphic.jpg

SAGE Course Options

Courses are available in more than 20 subjects in topics areas of Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Society, and Global Citizenship. Designated SAGE courses available in subjects such as Arts, Biology, Botany, Business, Chemistry, Construction, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Finance, Geology, Government, History, Humanities, Logistics, Management, Math, Microbiology, Mortgage Banking, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech Communications.

2018-19 North Lake College SAGE Scholars Courses and Instructors.pdf and review your options before you register for classes.

SAGE Volunteer Service Learning Requirements

Volunteer hours are available through the North Lake College Service Learning Program, DCCCD, or community organizations. Students should complete all Service Learning Forms here for volunteer hours completion and verification for SAGE Scholars requirement of 20 volunteer hours. 

Associate Degree Requirements

Any Associate Degree from North Lake College can add this graduation distinction. For a complete list of Associate Degrees please click here. SAGE Scholars Courses at North Lake College also transfer to the Sustainability Scholars Program at Mountain View College and the Green Cord Program at Cedar Valley College.

Want to Study Abroad or in Hawaii?

DCCCD offers study abroad trips to more than 10 countries and the Hawaiian Islands. North Lake College offers programs in Hawaii, the Texas Gulf Coast, Austria and Germany. 

Current students of any of the DCCCD colleges or any North Texas Community Colleges may apply for any trips that are open to students.  Trips restricted to faculty or staff are noted below. 

Trips for Students:

  • Hawaii, United States—Hawaii Field Studies, North Lake College
  • Aix-en-Provence, France—May Term Study Abroad, Richland College
  • London, England—Criminal Justice Club, Brookhaven College
  • Salzburg, Austria—Global Citizenship Alliance; STUDENT, All DCCCD Colleges, May 22-29, 2018 - Students interested in the GCA Trip to Salzburg must be a member in good standing of Phi Theta Kappa.
  • Dundee, Scotland— Art Metals, Brookhaven College
  • Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto, Japan—Chorale Society Performances. Brookhaven College
  • Alicante, Spain—Study Spanish in Spain! Mountain View College
  • Quito, Ecuador—Pediatric Nursing Clinical, Brookhaven College
  • British Isles, England, Ireland and Wales—Literature, Richland College
  • Certaldo, Italy—Ceramics, Brookhaven College

Trips for Faculty and Staff:

  • Aix-en-Provence, France—DCCCD Professional Development: Global Awareness, Richland College, Not open to students.
  • Saigon, Danang, Hanoi, Vietnam—Fulbright Faculty Curriculum Development, Richland, College July 10-August 9, 2018. Not open to students. (Full)
  • Potsdam, Germany and Salzburg, Austria—Global Citizenship Alliance; STAFF, All DCCCD Colleges. Not open to students.

For more information contact Dr. Grant Sisk at or

What is a SAGE designated course?

A SAGE designated course includes topics and assignments focused on sustainability, and classroom practices that reduce impact on the environment and our community.

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today's generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The three tenets of sustainability, or triple-bottom-line, are Economy, Environment, and Society. There are over 80 green courses available for almost every associate degree program. 

Course subjects include: Arts, Biology, Botany, Business, Chemistry, Construction, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Finance, Geology, Government, History, Humanities, Mortgage Banking, Logistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Speech Communications.
Course availability varies by semester.  You can browse the Course Catalog for specific course offering in each semester. 

Download the list of SAGE Courses and Professors (PDF), and review your options before you register for classes.

Campus as a Learning Laboratory

Many of the designated SAGE courses and instructors have assignments that utilize the Campus as a Learning Laboratory, allowing students to participate in greening the campus and building a more sustainable community. 

North Lake College has several Outdoor Classrooms that help take this approach to the next level. North Lake College Central Campus includes the Living Learning Garden, Butterfly Garden, Dr. Yolanda Romero Community Garden, and the Irving ISD Elise Walker Outdoor Learning Center. North Lake College South Campus includes the Outdoor Walking Trail and Creek. 

Jobs for Sustainability or Global Careers?

Green jobs are available for almost every career – Business, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Logistics, Public Administration, Retail Sales, Recycling, Research, Science Transportation, Waste Management and Water Resources, and many more.

Companies, Sports Teams, Schools, Government and Non-Profit Organizations offer green jobs. Salaries for green jobs start at $10.00/hour and can be as high as $250,000/year, depending on education and experience.

For more information about leading companies and organizations that practice sustainability, please visit the ‘Sustainability Consortium’Retail Industry Leadership Association Sustainability’, or ‘Triple Bottom Line’.

Transfer Options to Texas Public and Private Universities

More than 35 colleges and universities in Texas offer sustainability-focused and/or sustainability-related Certificates, Minors, or Bachelor Degrees, including:

 For more information about these university programs, please click on the correspsonding links above and contact that university department or their advising center. 

Professional Associations and Job Postings

Agriculture and Applied Economics Association
United States Green Building Council

Faculty, Want to Join the SAGE Scholars Program?

Please contact the SAGE Committee Co-Chairs or a SAGE Advocate from your academic division. Faculty requirements include 1) adopt sustainability and/or global citizenship topics in your curriculum, 2) commit to green classroom operations, and 3) update your course syllabus with SAGE program statement and web site.  The SAGE Scholars Program Committee meets twice per semester, and accepts new faculty applications every semester.  Ongoing professional development requirements vary per division and discipline, and include attendence of sustainability education events on campus or in the community. 

SAGE Scholars Committee Co-Chairs

  • Shani Suber, Professor of English
  • Malcolm Frierson, Professor of History

SAGE Advocates

  • Biology, Maria Serra
  • Business, Tish Waters-Hearne
  • Chemistry, Patricia Thompson
  • Construction Management, Brad Bosher
  • Economics, Uzo Agulefo
  • English, Brett Bodily
  • Environmental Science, Charles Siegel
  • Finance, J. Keith Baker
  • History, Roy Vu
  • Government, Lynn Brink and James Duran
  • Math, Katherine Villarreal
  • Physics, Jason Eberle
  • Sociology, Rachelle Powell
  • Speech Communications, Michelle Meyer
  • Video Technology, Sharie Vance


SAGE Advisor

  • Brandon Morton, Sustainability Coordinator


Please see your academic advisor  in the Advising Center in A-400 for specific details.  

If you have additional questions about the SAGE Scholars Program, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator, Brandon Morton at or 972-273-3392.