Dance Class Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition for any dance classes?
No. We offer dance classes for all levels and no experience is required. For those that do have prior dance experience we offer advanced, intermediate and beginning dance classes.

Can I be in the NLC repertory dance company?
Yes. All you have to do is enroll in the dance company classes which are:
DANC-1351, DANC-1352, DANC-2351 or DANC-2352
These classes are offered on:
M-W 1:30-2:30 PM or M-W 6:45-7:45 PM

Do I have to come to a Lab?
No. Your lab is included in your dance class

How long are the dance classes?
They are 1 hour.

How many credit hours are dance classes? Do they transfer?
Dance classes are 3 credit hours and transfer as a fine art credit or a P.E. credit or an elective credit.

Can I perform in the NLC dance concerts?
Yes. Simply enroll in two dance classes, a technique class and a performance class. You can dance in as many pieces in the concert as you wish to.

When are the dance concerts?
Fall dance concerts are typically the Thursday and Friday before the Thanksgiving holiday break. The Spring concert is typically the Thursday and Friday of the third week of April. The summer dance concert is student choreography and is July 1st. The wintermester dance concert is a concert of solos, duets, and trio's and is held in January.

Can I choreograph a dance for performance?
Yes. In summer 1 and in wintermester. The fall and spring dance concerts are faculty choreographed.

Do I have to buy a costume?
No. NLC provides your costume. You must provide shoes, bra top and pants.

What do I wear to dance class?
Leggins or capri leggins and a tight fitting top and appropriate dance shoes.

Who can I call to enroll in dance classes?
Barbara Goldstein at 972.273.3562 or Brenda Parker-Braswell head of the NLC dance department at 214.502.5332.