Summer Hawaiian Field Studies

Aloha and thank you for looking into this program.

​The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise rich with magnificent hotels, sandy beaches, brilliant sunsets and some of the best recreational and relaxation spots on earth. Beyond the tourist attractions, though sometimes one and the same, lies a natural wonder of botanical rarities, explosive geological features and themes of evolution, adaptation, conservation and extinction. Born from the sea floor in a continuous chain of volcanoes, the Hawaiian Islands exist today as a window into biological and geological processes that tell the story of life on earth.

Join us in the Hawaiian islands with the opportunity to study in this unique environment and earn 16 college credit hours! 

Mahalo nui loa (thank you)

Matthew Dempsey

Some words from a former student about Hawaiian Field Studies:

“The opportunity to explore biology, botany, and ecology with the Hawaiian Islands as a laboratory was a learning experience that has gone unmatched during my entire academic career. The course was the best investment I made during my time at North Lake College.” 
Terry B.

2016 Program Information


16 College Credit Hours
3 Islands (Oahu, Hawaii & Kauai)
Travel Dates for 2016


1. E-mail the program to be added to the list
2. Submit a $750 deposit (check, mail, or credit card). Deposit is
refundable until classes begin in March. You can call 972-273-3310 or 972-273-3311. Just be sure to write down your receipt number!


TBA - Likely 10 ranging from March to June, all on the weekends and online.  Information regarding orientation and these classes will be given in email announcements.


All payments due by May 15, 2016.
Student Expenses $750 Deposit* + $1150* Balance (+or-$100)*
Airline Package - $1000* & Airline to and from HNL + bags
Tuition - $944* for in county residents.* for in county residents.
For complete payment explanations, due dates and up to date information, email or call.  
Not included: Meals, luggage, and texts.


BIOL 1411 4hrs - Intro Botany - Dempsey
BIOL 2406 4hrs - Environmental Bio - Dempsey/Doggett
GEOL 1401 3hrs - Earth Science - Kubicek
ARTS 2356 - Digital Photography - Jenkins
PHED 1123 - Walking for Fitness - Sommers (SECTION TBD in April)
Total - 16 Credit Hours*.
*Students must enroll in all courses to participate in the program. 

Accepting deposits now, until the trip fills.  After filling the first three vans, a waiting list will be established and new students added six at a time.
*Subject to change.  The approximate amount for the trip should run approximately $3,850. Please note that only the student fee deposit and tuition are refundable (up until the first day of class).  All other fees are NOT refundable.   More detailed information will be added as it becomes available.

Also note that this program is subject to cancellation if enrollment does not meet a specific quota or other circumstances arise. ​