Continuing Your Education after North Lake

​When you complete your degree at North Lake College, you have several options to stay in the United States and continue learning: entering a year of on-the-job workforce training (OPT), or transferring to another university to get a bachelor's or other higher degree.

To transfer, you need to request a change to your form I-20, which specifies the schools U.S. immigration allows you to attend.  You must request this transfer within 60 days of completing your studies or your OPT employment.  Failure to transfer or leave the United States within this 60-day grace period will result in a violation of your F1 status.  If you are not sure when your 60-day grace period expires, please consult the International Center immediately.

How do I transfer to another school?

Provide the International Center with a SEVIS release request form (available online or in our office) and a copy of your acceptance letter from the school you wish to attend.  Incomplete transfer requests will not be processed.

Once the request and letter are submitted, we will transfer out your F1 SEVIS record to the new school on the requested release date.  The requested release date will be either as soon as final grades are posted, when your OPT EAD card expires, or as soon as you graduate.  If you are a current student we cannot transfer your records mid-semester.

Once you are transferred out, contact your new school’s international office for information about getting your I-20 issued from the new school.  Most schools give this information in their acceptance letter.

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