Maintaining F1 Status

Losing your F1 status could lead to arrest and deportation by U.S. immigration officials, and denial of other visa requests in the future.

During new international student orientation you will learn what you must do to maintain your F1 status. A reminder checklist is posted online. The International Center sends out regular email reminders, so check your email regularly and update us if your email address changes.

Common visa status violations

  • working without authorization from the International Center/USCIS
  • dropping/withdrawing from classes without authorization from the International Center
  • failing to extend the I-20 if you do not graduate on time
  • poor academic performance, such as failing all classes in a semester or being placed on academic suspension
  • failing to report changes of address to the International Center within 10 days
  • failing to transfer to another school, depart the United States, apply for OPT training post-completion, or apply for another visa category within 60 days of completing studies at NLC
  • failing to report a change in employment status, if the student is on OPT
  • committing a crime that results in a conviction

The reinstatement process

The International Center processes a select few reinstatements.  Please discuss with an F-1 advisor for more information. 

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