Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a type of work authorization for F1 students whose classes require them to work in a job or internship. You must be an F1 student for at least one academic year before you can apply for CPT.
Applying for CPT does not require an application to USCIS, but does require authorization from the International Center. CPT opportunities are very limited.

Applying for CPT

First, register for a class that requires an off-campus internship. You can search for these classes on eConnect.
Next, submit these required forms and documents to the International Center as soon as you can:
  • completed CPT request form, including instructor's signature
  • a copy of the course description showing that it requires an internship (print this from eConnect)
  • job offer letter from the site where you will do your internship, on company letterhead, with the employer’s address and a description of your duties (your class instructor will also need a copy)
We will review your application as soon as all three items are submitted. Please allow one to three business days for our review. If we authorize your request, we will provide you with documents you need to give to your employer.

Additional Reminders about CPT

  • Do not work outside of the authorized dates and locations!
  • If you lose your F1 status at any time during your employment, your work authorization will be terminated immediately.
  • This U.S. government webpage answers many questions about work authorization options. ("DSO" and "F1 advisor" are the same person.)
  • If you have additional questions, contact the International Center.