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Process for Transferring as an International Student

For students who are already in the United States and are attending another college or university. Use this application if you can prove English language proficiency and you wish to study for a college degree.
For students who do not meet English-language proficiency requirements. If you choose this program, you can study only the English language.

Which application should I fill out?

If you need to study the English language to achieve proficiency, learn more about our Intensive English Program.
Some students are required to have a meningitis vaccine before taking their first class at North Lake. Read our meningitis vaccine policy to find out if this applies to you.
Incomplete applications are not accepted. Online applications are not accepted.
We do not admit F-1 students that have earned a US higher degree from NLC or any other school.   You can be considered for concurrent enrollment while keeping F-1 status at another school.