Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

Register for Classes as an International Student

If it's your first semester at North Lake, you will be registered by an advisor in our office.  F1 students at other U.S. institutions who are concurrently enrolling at NLC must also register in our office.  If you don’t know how you should register, ask and we can help.

Before you can register for classes as a full-time F1 student, you must apply for admission.  After you are admitted, but before registering for classes, you will take our placement test and attend a required international student orientation.  This is separate from the college's main orientation.  Find out if you must attend both orientations.

After the first semester, most students register online using eConnect. However, you may be required to visit the International Center regarding registration if you have a registration block.

If you must see an advisor to register for classes be prepared for long waits in the lobby during peak registration times.  Walk-in registrations are accepted, but we encourage you to make an appointment. While there are exceptions, these peak registration times usually occur during the months of August, January, or May just before the start of a new semester.

Registration tips

  • Check the prerequisites for classes you want to take.
  • Enroll in the correct classes for your degree plan by looking at your degree plan online.
  • Make sure you register for at least 12 credit hours, including at least 9 credit hours on campus in classrooms.
  • If you enroll in classes at other campuses, at least 6 credit hours must be at North Lake.
  • Late registration is not permitted.
If you have questions, speak with an advisor. We have academic advisors available in the International Center who specialize in helping international students. 

Enrollment Requirements

All F1 students must enroll in, and must complete, at least 12 credit hours each semester with a performance grade (A, B, C, etc.).  'WX', 'I', 'WQ', and other markings that are not performance grades have serious F1 consequences.  Failure to finish at least 12 credit hours with performance grades at the end of the class/term is a violation of full-time student status.  F1 students require advance approval of the International Center to enroll in fewer than 12 credit hours.

Students who arrive in the fall or spring are not required to enroll in summer courses, unless you are an IEP student who has been issued a language training I-20 visa.  If your first term of study is the summer semester, or you are an F1 IEP student, you must enroll in at least 3 credit hours for each summer session (6 total).  Session I of the summer runs from June to late June/early July and session II runs from early July to early August.

Six credit hours for summer is considered acceptable for full-time status given the fact the summer term is very intense, with most classes meeting daily.  Online classes do not count for your summer class requirements.

Academic progress

International students attending college on an F1 student visa have an obligation to move forward with their degree plan every semester.  You can review your academic progress at any time by making an appointment with any advisor in our office. We can also help ensure you are placed in the correct courses.
All F1 students must submit an official degree plan by the 2nd semester of studies at NLC. Failure to submit an official degree plan or declare a major after the first term may cause immigration status problems, and will make completing your degree harder.  In addition, a registration block may be placed on your account if no degree plan is declared by the 2nd term of studies at NLC.

Understanding your grades and progress

Academic difficulties

If you’re having issues with grades, don’t know if you can pass a class, or are told that you are on probation, talk to your teacher.  If you still have problems, see an International Center advisor.

The longer you delay in contacting someone at the International Center, the harder the problem will be to resolve.  There is nothing we can do in the last week of the semester if you are failing a class.

Academic probation

The International Center can only provide letters of support to students in good academic standing.

Academic suspension and dismissal

Students who are dismissed or placed on academic suspension will lose their F1 status and cannot remain enrolled at North Lake College.

Can I enroll part-time?

To enroll part-time, you must obtain written permission from an F1 advisor in the International Center before the semester begins.  You may enroll for fewer than 12 credit hours if you meet at least one of these criteria:
  1. Entering your last term of study before graduation, and you need fewer than 12 hours to complete degree requirements;
  2. Prevented from attending class by a serious illness or a medical condition which must be well documented by a U.S. licensed medical professional; or
  3. Facing academic difficulties due to circumstances beyond your control, such as being enrolled in the wrong class by mistake.  This must be documented by the professor in a letter.
  4. You are a full-time F1 student at another college/university who wishes to concurrently enroll in NLC classes.
Each situation is reviewed confidentially and on a case-by-case basis.  If you have questions/concerns about this you must make an appointment to discuss your situation with an F1 advisor at the NLC International Center.