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Working in the United States as an International Student

There are a few ways for an international student to work while studying at North Lake College.
Remember that the F1 visa is a student visa, so your studies are always your top priority.
F1 students in particular, must follow certain rules and regulations at all times which includes working, if eligible. Failing to do so can result in severe immigration penalties. US immigration regards working without authorization as a serious violation of immigration status that may result in deportation back to the home country.
IEP students are not eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT).

On-campus employment

Learn how to take a part-time job at North Lake College. F1 students can work on campus, if eligible. Authorization from the International Center is required. You must be in good academic standing and in legal F1 status to receive authorization to work on campus.

Internships required for classes (Curricular Practical Training)

This is called CPT for short. If you take a course which includes an internship requirement, we can help! Please be aware that CPT opportunities are very limited with strict F1 rules.

Employment in your field of study (Optional Practical Training)

This is called OPT for short. This program permits up to 12 months of employment related to your studies. F1 Associates degree students on an Associates I-20 may be eligible for OPT after completing studies. See the International Center for more information. Also, OPT information session dates are posted regularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as noted at the front desk sign up book regarding next sessions.

Off-campus work in cases of economic hardship

This rare authorization is available only if you suffer an unavoidable financial crisis. This requires U.S. government approval. Please make an appointment with an F1 advisor so we can review your situation if you encounter an unexpected financial crisis that is beyond your control.