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Apply & Register Overview Video


SUMMARY: This animated video simulates the experience of a side-scrolling video game. A student completes the 6 steps of enrollment with guidance from a wise owl.

[Fade In: Action Music Plays]


[Screen left: STUDENT bobs while standing still underneath the video title: ENROLLMENT EXPEDITION]

[START BLIPS - Student runs off screen right]


[Contemplative Music Plays]

[Student runs right.]

[Poof! A Wise Owl appears wearing graduation hat]

[Text Box pops up!]

WISE OWL: Welcome to ENROLLMENT EXPEDITION! You must complete the 6 STEPS OF ENROLLMENT *in order* to WIN! Good luck!


[Action Music Plays]

[Student runs right collecting coins]

[Picks up rectangular paper icon labeled "Application" - BLIP-IP-IP - STEP 1!]

[Student runs right collecting coins. Runs faster.]

[Student bypasses upward directional sign, platforms, and "Bridge Out" sign.]

[Student jumps across pit. Falls. Loses 1 of 3 lives.]

[DON'T JUMP AHEAD flashes on screen]

[Student reappears at top of pit]

[Contemplative Music Plays]

[POOF! Owl reappears with text box]

WISE OWL: Complete all 6 steps IN ORDER, or suffer the consequences! The steps are the same for all 7 colleges. Return to the steps and use them as a CHECKLIST. Only YOU have the power to complete these steps! Read on!

[Dubstep Blippy Music Ramps Up]

[Student runs left, jumping up the platforms he missed - collecting coins]

[Camera slowly chokes in, framing student in the second box of a 2x3 grid containing icons and text: 1: Application, 2: Pre-Advising, 3: TSI Testing, 4: Advising, 5: Registration, 6: Payment]

[Student picks up Compass icon. BLIP-IP-IP! Step 2! Pre-Advising. Compass Icon Blinks into place]

[Box 3 Vignette. Student jumps right into frame.]

[Student picks up TSI icon. BLIP-IP-IP! Step 3! TSI TESTING! TSI Icon blinks]

[Box 4 Vignette: A Telephone Icon.]

[Student drops in from above on Telephone icon. BLIP-IP-IP! Step 4: Advising! Telephone Icon blinks]

[Box 5 Vignette: 3 Envelope Icons in an arc]

[Student jumps, collecting all 3 icons. BLIIIIP-IP-IP! STEP 5! STEP 5! STEP 5! Registration! Envelope Stack Icon Blinks.]

[Box 6 Vignette: A treasure chest icon]

[Student runs right into Treasure Chest icon. BLIP-IP-IP! STEP 6! Payment! Treasure Chest Icon Blinks]

[Screen splits open. Electronic record scratch sound]

[Student runs right toward Book on a pedestal in front of ancient school building covered in vines]

[Triumphant Music Plays]

[POOF! Wise Owl appears with text box]

WISE OWL: Congratulations! Let's have a look at your progress:

[A BOOK FILLS the screen with the 6 STEPS listed IN ORDER. They check-off one-by-one. Complete. Book returns to pedestal]

WISE OWL: Now that you've completed the 6 STEPS, you are now ENROLLED! I look forward to seeing you in class!


[Student runs off screen.]