Do Your Storm Drains Keep the Ocean Trash-Free?

​Did you know that there is plastic in the ocean? It probably isn't too hard to imagine that some of the plastic that litters roadways, sidewalks, and parks finds its way into the ocean. So, how much do you think is in there? Hundreds of pounds of plastic? How about thousands of pounds? No one knows for sure, but estimates, based on scientific surveys, suggest the amount is in the range of millions of pounds of plastic! Of course, the ocean is big, more than 300 million square kilometers, so the concentration is relatively low – although still high enough to harm marine life. But how does the plastic get into the ocean in the first place? In this science project, you can determine if any plastic litter is entering the waterways from your community's storm drains. If it is, this project will help you work on a possible solution.

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