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Synergy Session 6: Alternative Practices in Healthy Food Systems

Carbon Farming/Gardening 

Heather Rinaldi

Sequestering carbon in yards and farmland is critical to reducing the impacts of climate change. Learn how soil degradation is a problem anyone can solve locally, and how you can be a champion for the soil while healing the planet! View PowerPoint presentation.

Raised in the farm and ranch lands of Oklahoma, Heather Rinaldi's earliest memories include gardening and raising livestock with her parents and grandparents. Her life-long connection with the soil led her to research soil microbiology in an effort to improve her family’s organic gardens and yard maintenance. Heather founded the Texas Worm Ranch in 2008, and she and her team process hundreds of tons of organic material a year into living worm castings, and garden over 4,000 square foot of organic garden space. The Texas Worm Ranch is a full service sustainability consultant company that provides customers with the tools to be organic, affordable and successful. 

Partnering for Sustainability: Hydroponics at Lamplighter and the Dallas Arboretum 

Dustin Miller and Gretchen Pollom

Through the installation of six hydroponic towers at The Lamplighter School and the Dallas Arboretum, students are learning about alternative growing techniques while promoting a sense of stewardship for the environment and their local community. Our presentation will provide an overview of the partnership and project, including student learning objectives and outcomes. View PowerPoint presentation.

Dustin MillerDustin Miller is children's program manager at the Dallas Arboretum. His background includes formal and informal teaching and teacher professional development in Carrollton-Farmers Branch and Irving ISDs, the Dallas Zoo and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. He is an executive board member for the Informal Science Education Association of Texas. His background is in applied cultural anthropology.

Gretchen PollomGretchen Pollom is the professional development coordinator for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science at The Lamplighter School. Her background is in biology and environmental science. 

Activist Notes from the Urban Beekeepers-North Texas

Susan Pollard

Susan PollardA decade's review of urban agriculture, bee culture and pollinator preservation in the city.
Susan Pollard is co-founder of the Texas Honeybee Guild and the creator of Zip Code Honey.