My involvement with North Lake College for CONEXIS is as VP of IT.

It was essential to have great training for my employees.

They're always looking for training and advancement in technology as well as just personal skills.

Use of Excel, use of Office, use of other things that are offered.

So, all the courses are very beneficial.

But, the courses specifically in technology, Visual Studio, ITIL recently has been extremely good for our group.

We continue to drive standards like ITIL at CONEXIS, so training, formal training makes a big difference and helps them advance.

They feel more confident in their job, and you know, expand in their abilities to be successful in their job as well.

We have supported COBRA and Direct Bill FSA, so these are things that we've been a third party provider for very large employers for many, many years.

Recently with the Affordable Care Act, we've expanded our business, and we work with the health care exchanges for the various states.

We're providing billing for insurance carriers and to all the constituents in those states.

So our scope has increased tremendously.

And so, being knowledgeable of health care, of insurance, of what is offered today by the Affordable Care Act is very important.

And we have a very large software department in this company.

It's really, about 25% of our company is IT.

So we do a lot of software development and we're, we're a key essential part of CONEXIS.

Well North Lake, we've certainly known about North Lake.

A lot of our students were, a lot of our employees were students of North Lake before.

But the grant, the Texas grant of course, enabled us to offer a lot more to our employees than we could before and greatly increase the, the breath of our offerings through our training programs.

So that was our entrance to really a much deeper experience with North Lake that has been great over the last few years.

Very, very beneficial.