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Accounting Student and Hopeful Future CPA

Working as a financial consultant, I was strongly motivated to study accounting to provide comprehensive consulting service of wealth management to clients. Studying in the program has been a rewarding journey. It has made me realize what I'm capable of and has given me more self-esteem. I'm motivated to do my best when I see how passionate the faculty are about helping their students succeed.

I would absolutely recommend this program to others! This is a seamlessly organized program with quality faculty and in-depth content. It promotes students to envision even further development and progress, exploring the potential of each.

 "I am planning to pursue my professional career as a public accountant as I complete my study and pass the CPA exam."

MJ Choi earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in South Korea. He worked as a certified volunteer at a Dallas Community Tax Center in the spring of 2018, providing tax preparation services to low- and mid-income families for preparing their 2017 tax returns, after completing taxation classes, required training and certification tests.