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North Lake College Art Faculty

Full-time Art Faculty & Staff

Trevor Bennett
Ceramics, 3D Design, Sculpture
3D Coordinator

Byron Black
2D Design, Painting, Digital Art
2D Coordinator

Brett Dyer
Drawing, Design, Painting, Art Appreciation
Art Appreciation and Art History Faculty Coordinator

Lisa Gabriel
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Portfolio, Internships
Computer Graphics Coordinator

Allison Gillies
Drawing, Art Appreciation

Kate Jenkins
Photography Coordinator

Dane Sigua
3D Modeling, 3D & 2D Animation, Video Tech
Computer Graphics Faculty

Bita Zamorano
Art History, Art Appreciation

Gallery Director

Steven Benezue
Director of NLC Gallery
3D Design, Ceramics, Sculpture

Adjunct Instructors

Art/Photography/Computer Graphics

Anderson, Marsha
Austin, Candace
Baker, Lane
Benezue, Steven
Dunlap, Conley
Fetchel, Allison
Fuhrer, Merry
Fuhrmann, Sarina
Googe, Courtney
Guy, Erin
Hunt, Scott
Huston, Sharon
Koen, Lisa
Metoff, Freda
Milano, Greg
Miller, Richard
Neergaard, Nancy
Pilon, Jennifer
Schuster, Toni
Tossing, Dan
Winters, Monica
Zamorano, Anna (Bita)

Emeritus Faculty

Chris Fulmer
Professor Emerita of Art
2D Design, Drawing, Computer Graphics
1995 – 2011

Rachel McClung
Professor Emerita of Art
Rome Program
2D Design, Drawing
Art History, Art Appreciation
1977 – 2004

Bob Nunn
Professor Emeritus of Art
1987 – 2010
Gallery Director
Painting, Drawing, 2D Design

Melodee Ramirez
Professor Emerita of Art
Art History, Art Appreciation, Painting

Marty Ray
Professor Emerita of Art
Ceramics, 3D Design, Sculpture
Gallery Director – 1978-1987