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Co-owner, James Andrews Custom Homes;
Realtor; Manufacturer’s Rep, Vantem Panels

“When the construction market tanked, I was looking around for houses to build. Custom building work was so scarce that I figured it was a perfect time to get more education. I wanted to be a better builder and sharpen my skills to be better prepared when the market turns, so I started researching construction programs and found North Lake’s Construction programs.

“As a builder, you know who to call to get stuff done, but that doesn’t mean you know how to do it. I didn’t come through a big product company with a great deal of practical training, so there are just certain gaps in my knowledge.

“This program is giving me lots of practical skills. These instructors have been in the business a long time, and they have a lot of practical information to share.”

Matt Mitchell is earning an Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Construction Management at North Lake College’s West Campus and taking courses in Construction Technology as electives.

He also holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in Biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has co-owned his own custom home building company since 2002; is a Realtor for Gilchrist and Company; and is a manufacturer’s representative for Vantem Panels, selling structural insulation panels.