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Electrical Technology Student

“I wanted to start my own apartment renovation business with a friend and thought, well, I’ll need a license, and I might as well go to school and get my associate degree too. Now I’m even thinking of going on to get a bachelor’s degree in business. I can keep working on my electrical and plumbers licenses, but if I want to be my own boss, I’m going to have to know about the business end of things too.

“I’ve learned a lot of math that I need. The electrical theory class with Tom Hoops has a lot of math too — you have to be able to figure out how many amps and how much voltage you’ll need to do the job. It really teaches you how to be a project manager and figure out what you need for every job. It shocked me to find out how much voltage it takes to run a commercial building.

“If you go into this field, you’ll learn more than you think. Even if you don’t go into it as a career, it’s always useful knowledge for a homeowner to have.”

Jared Mercantel is a full-time student working on an associate degree in Electrical Technology at North Lake College.