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Marvis Bellagwa, CNA, LVN

Licensed Vocational Nurse
Golden Acres: The Dallas Home for Jewish Aged

“As a certified nurse’s aide (CNA), I was looking to further my education in a way that would help me financially. The Vocational Nursing program came to mind. ‘It’s just 12 months,’ I told myself.

“Coming into the program, I didn’t know what to expect. The best part is when you meet people you’ve never seen before, and everyone works together for a common goal. The instructors are so helpful and make you feel welcome.

“My education has helped me so much. It is tough, but is gives you the right training and the confidence to go into the world. I learned to never quit. If it gets too tough, ask questions, seek help and talk to your instructors.

“I definitely recommend this program to others. It’s not just about the Vocational Nursing certificate; this program prepares you for the world. I feel so proud to say ‘DCCCD’ when people ask me which college district I attended.

“There are no awards in my job, but I will say I get a personal sense of accomplishment for the work I do. When I get a smile from a resident, then I know I am doing a good job.”

Marvis Bellagwa attended the colleges of DCCCD and took several online courses before earning her Vocational Nursing certificate.

In her job at Golden Acres: The Dallas Home for Jewish Aged, she assists in assessing, developing, implementing and evaluating direct care of residents, helping to maintain the quality of service that is in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. She also helps to prepare, administer and document doctor-prescribed medications and treatments. She can initiate and conduct emergency measures required to stabilize a resident’s condition.

Marvis plans to complete the LVN to RN “Bridge” program to become a registered nurse.