Video Technology FAQs

Just what is Video Technology at North Lake College?

Video Technology at North Lake College is two years of intensive study in television production, video post-production, computer graphics, lighting for television, and multi-track audio.

Will my Video Tech credits transfer to a four-year college or university?

Several area universities accept Video Technology credits into their BAAS (Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences) degree programs. Check with the program coordinator on current articulation (transfer) agreements. 

What is the North Lake College program's goal?

We train people for the broadcast, corporate, institutional, and entrepreneurial sector in television production, video editing, computer graphics, interactive applications, multi-track audio, broadcast engineering, and a host of other specialties.

How much will it cost?

This depends on where you live.  Please consult our DCCCD Tuition Rates page for specifics on other fees and services available to students.

How do I get in?

This depends on your current age and educational status. Prospective students who want to study Video Technology at NLC must first apply for college admission. You can apply online​ or come by the college to get started.

Are there prerequisites?

Most of the beginning courses don’t have prerequisites; please check with an academic counselor.

Do I have to specialize?

No. We give the student freedom to study in all areas of Video Technology. Learning more about the industry will help you decide what opportunity is best for you.

Are there any long-term commitments?

No. You determine when you want to take classes, how many classes to take at one time and which classes to take (you must meet minimum admissions requirements before beginning Video Technology studies at North Lake College and meet prerequisites of all classes). Students must meet all requirements in district publications for granting of degrees or certificates.