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High School Endorsement Connections

Are you finishing up your high school studies or getting ready to start your college career? We know this can be a confusing transition. That's why we're here to help you connect your selected high school endorsement to a DCCCD career path.

If you enjoyed learning about the subjects in your endorsement, the programs in our career paths will build on those interests. Maybe you want to explore the possibilities in a completely different field. That's okay too! You aren't limited to the programs that connect with the endorsement you chose in high school. You'll work with a career coach and guided pathways advisor to pick a path for the future you want.

Not familiar with endorsements? House Bill 5 established the Foundation High School Program in which students entering the ninth grade choose from five subject areas to develop a plan that will help them earn the credits required to graduate. Below, you can see how your chosen plan best aligns with our guided pathway program options.

High School Endorsement
DCCCD Career Paths

Arts and Humanities High School Endorsement


Public Service High School Endorsement


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) High School Endorsement

DCCCD Career Path


Multidisciplinary Studies High School Endorsement

DCCCD Career Path

If you completed a Multidisciplinary Studies endorsement in high school, your advisor will work with you to select a DCCCD career path based on your goals and interests.