Classes are currently being taught online. All physical facilities are closed to the public at this time, and employees are working remotely.
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Getting Ready for College

Developmental Integrated Reading & Writing (DIRW)
Coordinator: Ivan Dole
Integrated Reading and Writing courses are designed to develop students’ critical reading and academic writing skills.  Students are placed in either DIRW 0305 or DIRW 0310 based upon initial placement testing scores.

Education (EDUC)
Coordinator: Mary Ann McGuirk
Education courses prepare students to be successful in college and provide an introduction to the teaching profession. The courses we offer include Learning Framework (EDUC 1300), Introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDUC 1301), Principles and Practices of Multicultural Education (EDUC 1325), and Introduction to Special Populations (EDUC 2301).

Human Development (HDEV)
Coordinator: Mary Ann McGuirk
Human Development courses specifically provide an opportunity for the student to learn, practice and adopt strategies to support his/her success in college by offering an overview of the process of learning, memory, perception, language, and critical thinking applied to the college learning community. At North Lake, students can enroll in Student Success (HDEV 0092).

Non-Course Based Option (NCBO)
These courses are offered to increase skills in basic reading and writing development.  North Lake offers courses for both reading (NCDR) and writing (NCDW).